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영상으로 유니온스틸을 만나보세요

영상으로 유니온스틸을 만나보세요

변하지 않는 믿음과 소신으로, 멈추지 않는 도전과 열정으로 세계 최고 철강기업의 꿈을 키워가고 있습니다.

변하지 않는 믿음과 소신으로, 멈추지 않는 도전과 열정으로 세계 최고 철강기업의 꿈을 키워가고 있습니다.

1962년 탄생과 함께 철강업계를 이끌어온 유니온스틸은 장벽 없는 열린 기업을 가치로 고객을 먼저 생각하며, 기능직 사원부터 관리직 사원까지 회사의 정보 교류는 물론 무엇이든 함께하는 장벽 없는 회사입니다.


The beginning of a new dream
The passion of the pioneer spirit
Technology and innovation born out of creativity
The beauty of steel with added value
Now, UNION STEEL is poised to take greater strides into the next 50 years.

Since its establishment in 1962, UNION STEEL has always been a record setter in the steel industry.

In 1967, the company completed the construction of a plant producing 120,000 tons of cold-rolled steel sheets annually.

In 1974, UNION STEEL was the first company to be awarded the 100 Million Dollar Export Tower. In 1986, it became the first to deploy exclusive facilities for manufacturing galvalume steel sheets. Also, the completion of the facilities having annual output capacity of 200,000 tons of electric galvanized steel sheets further laid the foundation for UNION STEEL to become a manufacturer specializing in the production of coated steel sheets.

In 1997, the company established Changjiang Metal (in Wuxi City) and UNION STEEL China (in Jiangyin City), thereby becoming the first Korean steel manufacturer to successfully advance into the large Chinese market.

Following the completion of the latest PLTCM (Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill) in 2007, UNION STEEL continued to expand its CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Line) for hot-dip galvanized steel and CCL (Color Coating Line) for product-specific colored steel sheets.

UNION STEEL’s technological prowess in producing coated steel sheets, which is the result of 50 years of hard work, helped its colored steel sheets for home appliances gain global recognition as a top product in 2010, and gave birth to LUXTEEL, the premium colored steel sheet.

UNION STEEL has its head office located in Ferrum Tower, Seoul and a main plant covering an impressive 110,000 pyeong (1 pyeong is equivalent to 3.3 square meters) in Busan. Its annual production capacity has grown to 15 times of its original capacity to mark 1.8 million tons, and its sales have also recorded continuous growth to reach KRW1.94 trillion at present.

By forming a global production network that spans Asia, America, and Europe, UNION STEEL is tapping into the world’s largest markets. Changjiang Metal in Wuxi City produces cold-rolled steel sheets, while UNION STEEL China in Jiangyin City churns out plated steel sheets and colored steel sheets. In order to deliver high-quality products on time, UNION STEEL established overseas coil centers in Mexico, India, and Thailand, and has been operating branches in the US, Japan, and China.

Of UNION STEEL’s total production, 55% is for domestic consumption while exports account for the remaining 45%. The products are exported to Central/South America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and are renowned for their superior quality.

With its acclaimed technological prowess in hand, UNION STEEL is striving to realize its vision of becoming the “Global No.1 color coating company” by capitalizing on the innovation, passion, and talent that embody its corporate values.

Befitting its reputation as a pioneer in the production of colored steel sheets in Korea, UNION STEEL has maintained its position as the unchallenged leader in the colored steel market by winning the largest market share both domestically and internationally and by operating the largest number of production facilities for colored steel sheets.

With flower prints, abstract designs, gradation effects, and other unique characteristics that differentiate UNION STEEL’s products from the stale products of its competitors, the colored steel sheets for home appliances are optimally tailored to customers’ needs. In 2010, the colored steel sheets for home appliances were selected as globally-competitive top products by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in recognition of their superior quality and value.

In addition, UNION STEEL produces colored steel sheets for construction materials that are both aesthetically and functionally superior. The products come in various colors, textures, and glosses to satisfy customers’ needs to enhance the design value of buildings, and at the same time are functionally reliable in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and energy efficiency.

In 2011, UNION STEEL launched LUXTEEL, its premium color steel sheet brand, for the first time in Korea.

The name “LUXTEEL” is a combination of “Luxury” and “Steel”, meaning a new type of colored steel sheet that is fundamentally strong and durable while also creating added value for its use as a high-end construction material. LUXTEEL’s elegant patterns are highly regarded by Korea’s distinguished architectural designers.

Cold-rolled steel comes from the cold rolling of hot coils at ordinary temperatures in the thickness requested by customers. The steel goes through the latest PLTCM process that results in excellent workability and flatness, which in turn enables the cold-rolled steel to be primarily used as raw material for galvanized steel and pre-painted steel.

Hot-dip galvanized steel, processed by dipping cold-rolled steel into a hot-dip galvanizing bath and then coating it with zinc, is the most universally used product. Thanks to its extraordinary corrosion resistance, excellent paintability, and easy workability, hot-dip galvanized steel is widely used for automobile parts, steel houses, and interior/exterior construction materials, among other things.

Electrolytic galvanized steel, or EGI, is manufactured by applying an electric current to the surface of cold-rolled steel through electrolytes containing zinc and then galvanizing it. EGI features lower and more uniform coating weight than hot-dip galvanized steel. It does not peel off and is more weldable than any other galvanized steel, so it is used for home appliances, computers, and fire doors.

Positioning itself as the most economically efficient steel, galvalume steel combines the best features of aluminum-coated steel and zinc-coated steel. Both durable and energy efficient, galvalume steel is used extensively for high-end fences, roofs, and displays.

UNION STEEL is equipped with state-of-the art facilities for the production of high-quality steel.

PLTCM (Pickling Line/Tandem Cold Rolling Mill), based on the consecutive installation of the CPL (Continuous Pickling Line) and the cold rolling line, serves to remove rust on the surface of hot-rolled steel sheets and adjust their thickness. After completion of the PLTCM process, cold rolled steel sheets undergo EGL and CGL processes to be transformed into electrolytic galvanized steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, or galvalume steel. In CCL (Color Coating Line), high-end color steel sheets with various patterns and colors are produced after going through the painting, printing, and filming processes.

The driving force behind UNION STEEL’s growth has been its technological prowess established by persistent research efforts. Since its establishment in 1985, UNION STEEL’s R&D center has aimed to serve as a “small but strong” research institute, while striving to develop No.1 products that can satisfy customers’ needs.

Under the Environment Management System (ISO14001) in operation, UNION STEEL has recycled 25% of the water used in its Busan Plant through in-house waste water treatment facilities, and replaced the fuel for the entire Busan Plant with eco-friendly LNG..

Furthermore, as a result of its eco-friendly activities, such as improving the environment surrounding the Busan Plant and entering into agreements to save energy, UNION STEEL was recognized by the Busan city government for its strong awareness of, and active involvement in, eco-friendly management.

As part of its effort to be an active member of the local communities, UNION STEEL has been carrying out several social contribution activities, led mainly by the “Bluebird Volunteers”. By providing financial support and volunteer services to nursing homes for seniors and day care centers for kids, extending a helping hand to rural areas during busy harvest seasons, and donating rice to those in need, UNION STEEL has acted on its sincere desire to help the less privileged and fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

A dream that has never been dreamt before
A competitive edge that is wholly unique
Technology that can never be imitated

Historic footprints on the 50-year path of setting records
Passionate footsteps for a new leap forward into the next 50 years



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